"The MC Liners have been worked out and patented to break-down costs and increase the production ; thanks to this combination we will continue to supply You the top quality guaranteed since 1968 considering us the patrimony of Your Company."
By Gianni, Roberto, Fabrizio Bisio
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Our Company has ceaselessly continued the study and application of Tungsten Carbide and other alternative materials.

Our activity began in 1964, when the Company was still known as T.C.A. (Tungsten, Carbide, Applications), already with the same owner.

The goal was and still is to find materials and solutions with the maximum resistance against the wear during mechanical operations.

Mk-Liner Tech. points Advantage in High tech
(for manufacturing of big batch of Bricks)

1.Cost of brick manufacturing on account of Mould Liners gets reduced by 25%.

2.Better brick surface finish and elimination of Lamination (layer formation during pressing/ejection), which normally get into bricks towards the end of life due to high wear in HCHCr liners.

3.Low lead-time of manufacturing due to lower Press stoppage. Less number of mould settings at Press.

4.Lower manpower requirement for mould assembly and setting at Press.

5.Less use of more press-machines.

6.Increasing of pressed bricks.

7.Increasing of turnover
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Technology patented
as first in the world:
"One day, Mr Gianni Bisio , walking in the plant as usually, his eyes fallen to that open stove ; he looked at the briks inside and noted as they had the surface “rough” ; he suddenly asked to the plant manager : " but this brick have the surface rough, so they could generate wear during the pressing ?
The plant manger was not able to replied him but informed that nearby their plant there was a producer of such bricks. Immediately Mr Gianni Bisio took an appointment with such producer.
The day after he was there.
The first question he asked was about the problems against wear : the refractory plant manager explained him that they had only problems agains any sort of wear.
This is the time in which we started to design special antiwear moulds for the pressing of any refractory bricks by Tc. Something of unbeliveble was born : the TC liners as first and many years later the MC ....
How they were born
Why choose us
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