From more than 53 years
There are many types of refractory materials
alumina, magnesite, magnesite-mag-chrome, dolomite, zirconia, corindum, silicon carbide,etc. etc.
and of course You always use the proper type according to the requirements of Your clients.

In the same way there are also many types of METALCERAMICS, tungsten carbides, to meet the most different needs and applications (petrol & chemical industry, working of plastic and wood, mining industry drawing plates, cutting tools...)

In the laboratory of TCA we've been making during our present 53 YEARS of history, continuos researches about the wear resistance of different METALCERAMICS types and thanks to this long and costant activity, we made detailed comparisons of the different qualities, under the respect of mechanical and antiwear properties.

We are then in the condition to choose always the best solution according to the characteristic of the press and of the materials.
For instance we don't reckon it necessasry to use special mixtures to press dolomite, because the stress to which the dolomite subjects the mould doesn't demand it.
...But every time we judge that the use of serious METALCERAMICS mixtures is necessary , we guarantee the following:

1) it is most suitable type of METALCERAMICS from every point of view

2) there is METALCERAMICS only on the necessary working surface and not on the rest (in order to limit the cost)

3) our mixtures are first in quality and everything that undergoes the long complicatd sintering process, is absolutely pure material, WITHOUT regenerated components, which we found instead on pieces not produced by TCA, but from "competitors".
(that's why we are often higher and higher in prices)

Regenerated materials cost enormously less, need working of very low technological level and through them can be produced only old tc (and not METALCERAMICS) of extremely low quality.
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